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Two-way information sharing between EMR and nurse call via Responder All Touch. Available now.

Two-way information sharing between EMR and nurse call via Responder All Touch. Available now.

23 July 2015

We are pleased to announce that Responder® All Touch – a new software interface which allows real-time communication between Responder 5 nurse call and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – is available now through Rauland Australia and Rauland NZ.

Through its two-way HL7 interface, Responder All Touch allows nurse call events to be automatically recorded in the EMR and updates made in the EMR to be automatically displayed in the Responder 5 nurse call system. With everyone on the care team able to view a patient’s status in real-time, improvements in patient care follow.

Enhance patient safety. Improve staff compliance. Enable workflow efficiencies.

Help enhance patient safety

The clinical care team have access to up-to-date information on a patient’s status and can make informed and proactive clinical decisions.

Completion and status of patient care task are recorded automatically which helps to reduce errors and omissions.

Improve staff compliance

The system automatically records nurse call events which helps with compliance and record keeping.

The patient record remains current at all times.

Enable workflow efficiencies

Staff save time in administration and record keeping – no need for a paper log or double-entry into EMR.

With up-to-date records, duplicate efforts are greatly reduced.

“As the communication bridge between nurse call and EMR, Responder All Touch will help our customers deliver patient-centred care, and to optimise their investment in both the EMR platform and the nurse call technology. Patient care is determined in accordance to the information captured in the EMR, and Responder All Touch helps to ensure this information is accurate and up-to-date at all times,” says Steve Gomes, Director of Rauland Australia. 

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