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Are your clinicians using patient-centric mobile communication?

Are your clinicians using patient-centric mobile communication?

02 November 2015

Clinical staff – and nurses in particular - need the tools to be mobile, flexible and responsive. Hospital technology departments have responded. The integration of nurse call systems with wireless devices is not new, but not all solutions are created equal.

If your system still relies on a middleware platform to send nurse call notifications to wireless devices, chances are it is not supporting your patient-centric care model as well as it could be.

Nurse call systems that leverage the Session Initiating Protocol (SIP) as the telephony standard are becoming the industry norm. These solutions allow a SIP compatible wireless devices to communicate directly to a SIP compatible nurse call station – eliminating the need for middleware.

This fast connection supports direct, seamless communication and can help hospitals to drastically increase workflow efficiencies and deliver a number of important clinical benefits.

A SIP-based mobile communication solution can help you to:

  • Enable better decision making through comprehensive reporting including information on calls answered, acknowledged and ignored, itemised by patient and staff member.

  • Provide assurance that every call will be answered with smart call escalation if the primary caregiver is not available.

  • Streamline critical communication by enabling nearly instantaneous connection between the patient and their nurse.

  • Facilitate clinical collaboration with quick and simple team messaging through a PC console.

  • Reduce cost of implementation with more intuitive, less labour-intensive, system programming.

Download our white paper to:

Understand the key differences between SIP and legacy solutions such as TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol).

Gain more insights into the clinical benefits of a SIP-based solution.

Review the technology architecture which supports patient-centric workflows.

Session Initiation Protocol: The blueprint for patient-centric mobile communications:
Including the clinical benefits of SIP integration with nurse call systems as illustrated by Responder 5