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A registered nurse on the Rauland Australia team – Meet Angela

A registered nurse on the Rauland Australia team – Meet Angela

21 April 2015

Healthcare is about people caring for people. Technology can help to improve patient care and health outcomes but only if people believe in it, connect with it and embrace it as part of their day-to-day ways of working.

As primary care givers in a hospital setting, nurses are the main users of our nurse call and patient entertainment solutions – and, to help us speak your language, we also have a nurse on our team.

Meet Angela Caruso, a registered nurse and our very talented Needs Analyst and Systems Trainer.

Angela’s role is to help translate the needs of your clinical team into a customised solution that works the way you do, and to help ensure that the team understands, believes in, and uses the technology.

A few words from Angela:

Q1: Tell us a little about your nursing background?
I’ve been nursing for over 20 years and I’ve seen many challenges that nurses face day in, day out.  I have worked in critical care units including intensive care and cardiothoracic wards. My most recent role prior to joining Rauland was as an educator in both pre and post graduate nursing courses.

The reason I became a nurse is simple - nursing is about people.  The word ‘caring’ is a descriptive that goes hand in hand when you think of nurses.  Nurses care for people.  They look after people when they are in a very vulnerable state and I find this the most beautiful part of nursing. It is rewarding and can be very spiritual. It is hard work but so worth the effort. 

Q2: What attracted you to the role at Rauland?
I am always looking for a challenge and the role was outside of my natural comfort zone – I am not a technology expert. I do know however that, as healthcare providers, we need to embrace technology to help improve patient care now and into the future.

This role therefore presented an opportunity to combine my passion for patient safety and quality patient care, with the challenge of entering the world of healthcare communication technology.

The fact that the role was new at Rauland and unique in the industry meant that I could really own it, and grow it as I saw fit. And we are getting great feedback; our customers really value working with someone who really understands the work that nurses do.

I love working with the nurses on the wards. They do amazing work under very demanding conditions. I value them and the work that they do and I want to make their work processes more efficient for them.

Q3: How do you do what you do?
My role as a Needs Analyst and System Trainer involves many hospital visits and meetings with nurses in different departments. This enables me to develop an in-depth understanding of our customers’ specific workflow processes.

I then take the knowledge and the insights from these visits and work with our technical team to translate this into a solution that works for our customers. So I communicate the needs from the nurses’ perspective, and our technical experts make it happen.

Q4: And your favourite thing about the new role?

We have great people here at Rauland. And they really care.
I am very impressed with how much the whole team cares for the needs of nurses and the needs of patients. We all have the same goal – to help improve patient care and their health outcomes. This is what comes first, and that’s why we are all here.

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