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Enriching the Customer Experience

Enriching the Customer Experience

22 October 2017

At first, I wondered why has this become so popular - and then I realised… it’s the next biggest thing because there is an endless amount of opportunities and avenues for customers to give feedback. Customers want to communicate how that employee made them feel, what that meal tasted like at the restaurant, how they were treated when they purchased an item from a store. The list goes on.

Now that we have so many chances to provide feedback such as websites, social media, e-mails, verbal communication, we have literally gone crazy for the ‘Customer Experience’.

I’m not only pleased to hear this, but I encourage it. As a society, it allows us to have a voice and gives us a chance to determine how we want the experience to take place as a customer. In turn, we can define which ‘Customer Experience’ we want.

Thinking back in time, who would have thought we would be able to see our entire health plan or patient journey on a screen instead of a folder kept at the end of the bed, or relinquishing the bedside bell for a button or voiceover talk back function, so the nurse doesn’t have to spend more time going from one bed to another for a glass of water and even having runway lighting to guide nurses to the patient’s room during an emergency.

This is everything we wanted as users and consumers and we got it!

Working as a Customer Experience Analyst for Rauland Australia and New Zealand has opened the doors to a whole new world where we can gather feedback from the hospital and clinical staff with face to face meetings. It is extremely important that we hear from our clients and ensure they are using our products to their full potential. The technology that we offer is second to none, which means we don’t want our customers missing out on the overall functionality of our systems.

Meeting directly with our customers, means we can listen to their challenges, suggestions and what works best for them.
From there, we can use that feedback to work on how we can grow with our customers’ needs and wants. Our systems are developed to enhance the staff workflows and keep patients happy.

To me, working to get valuable feedback allows us to change and progress. Our aim is to provide the best experience in such a vital industry as healthcare.

Brooke Matthews
Customer Experience Analyst