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Patient Journey Board

Patient Journey Board

The Patient Journey Board promotes and facilitates real-time updates of information directly related to patient care, providing the care team with a clear view of the patient’s journey.

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Benefits of the Focused Patient Care Platform

FPC Patient Flow Software
The Journey Board provides an accurate view of a patient’s pre-discharge status, highlighting barriers in their journey while expediting action towards a prompt discharge. It focuses on allowing the completion of work as opposed to just showing the current status of where things are.



We provide powerful Integration to any hospital system. FPC can support a proprietary connectivity platform that enables integration with any modern or legacy hospital system. Seamless integration with such systems (e.g. Nurse Call, Messaging etc.) further enhances information collection without any manual intervention.

My Care Plan on Bedside Devices
Care information can be translated and presented to patient or patient’s family on supported Patient Entertainment Systems. This reduces the distraction or sometimes stress caused to staff when confronted with queries about progress and plan for patient care.

Handover Report
Preparing handover report should not be a chore. The integrated Handover Report module enables caregivers to consolidate required and relevant information in a progressive manner. Intuitive design of this module can facilitate a bedside handover if the caregiver prefers that method.

Seamless Staff allocation during shift changes
FPC Platform comes with a built-in module for managing staff allocation to bed or patients. If a system exists such as Rauland Responder 5 or any rostering system, the platform can integrate with it for a seamless operation. This reduces further manual work for staff


Identifying and rectifying process flaws immediately

As seen in any enterprise solution, a lack of governance and monitoring can lead towards process deterioration. Since FPC is designed to provide a real-time visual status of your process, it becomes easier to spot any process flaws or incorrect processes as it happens. This empowers staff to rectify such flaws in a timely manner.

How we prevent failure of information flow
The information received from various systems are paramount for the operation of the platform, therefore, it comes with sophisticated monitoring tools which detect a (and sometime predict a potential) failure.


Designed by individuals with first-hand experience

Capabilities and features of this system were designed and validated by clinicians and administrators in a large hospital. Experiences were designed to cater for specific nuances required by different departments and operating procedures.

Supporting smooth change management
No one likes change. The FPC system was built to support smoother change management. Within a hospital, inter-connected processes will have been established and trained over long periods of time, prohibiting easy change. The ultimate way to manage the change will be to adapt a system to suit the current processes and then introduce changes incrementally. The FPC platform comes with a highly configurable engine that can be programmed to make the boards personalized to the needs of each ward.

System-thinking based algorithms
Our algorithms and design features were built based on System Thinking… What does this mean?
In a complex environment like a healthcare facility, it is highly important not to get into the traps of just locally optimising processes. Although local optimisation provides immediate benefits to individual units, it may not provide the long-term benefit that the management seeks. System thinking allows us to look at hospital process end-to-end. FPC was built based on this principle. Thus ensuring the process follows the patient throughout their journey.


Smart Notification and Escalation Engine

FPC’s messaging engine can be configured to send alerts and escalation to designated clinical staff at various points to ensure that the required tasks are managed and completed in time for swift discharge or transfer.

Accountability through your care team
We ensure an increased level of accountability is achieved. This meaning that staff members can be held accountable to keeping their progress details recorded accurately and in a timely fashion.

Smarter management of infection
Our centralised system provides all of the critical patient data in one dashboard, decreasing the likelihood of an issue with the patient.

Unrestricted notification boundaries
The FPC notification system is not restricted to hospital boundaries. Likewise, patient care is not confined during their stay within the facility. True care extends beyond this boundary before and after the patient stay. FPC integrates with a user customisable messaging and workflow engine which supports consumer friendly messaging to patients on their smart phones


Visualising your length of stay

Our Journey Board paints a picture of the patient’s predicted length of stay. All relevant information is displayed on the one board and information is kept up-to-date, meaning that the care team can more accurately predict the expected date of discharge. This leads towards greater capacity planning and thus, a better utilization of resources.

A new take on efficiency
Improved efficiency can be achieved by allocating mobile devices to allied health staff and nurses, allowing them to update the board through wireless technology. This will save staff members’ time, and eliminate a need to manually keep the Journey Board up-to-date.

Ensuring data duplication and manual entry are concepts of the past
Significant amounts of important information on the FPC Platform can be sourced from existing hospital information systems. By integrating the electronic journey board into the HL7 message stream it will be unnecessary to update that data manually. FPC relies on single source of truth for data. This ensures that data integrity is achieved during the lifetime of the data.

Efficient rotation of beds
Our superior and more efficient discharge journey system allows beds to become available more quickly. Both the Discharge Planning Tool and the FPC’s innate visibility of progress, ensure that admitting a patient can occur at the right time, thereby reducing the duration that a bed is empty.

How can we reduce your patient’s length of stay while increasing their bed time?
We aim to facilitate a reduction in the average length of stay through a better and more current view of the patient’s progress and pre-discharge plan. By ensuring that all activities are monitored and checked, the quality of the care is therefore increased. This reduces the risk of patient re-admission.
An increased bed time ensures a quicker rotation of beds, while timely admission and discharge leads to a better bed management. This is because an increase in bed time, relieves emergency staff of pressure resulting from longer emergency wait periods.

Organised clinician discharge planning
By having an explicit and accurate view of whether a clinician has finished discharge planning with the patient, it is impossible for a patient to leave the hospital prior to their final appointment with their doctor.