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Responder 5000 Nurse Call System

Responder 5000 Nurse Call System

Connect patients with care givers and simplify core processes. Flexible solution for hospitals, and independent and assisted living environments.

Responder ® 5000 is an IP enabled nurse call system with advanced communication features. Integration with wireless phones and pagers means that nurses and patient are always connected, and smart Room Management Stations provide one-touch communication with supporting teams.  A cost effective solution, the system can be configured to meet the needs of a spectrum of healthcare facilities.

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Nurse Call

Connecting patients with care givers through smart technology can help you do more of what matters most – providing quality patient care.

A fully featured nurse call system, Responder® 5000 enables quick and efficient communication between patients and nurses, and extends to provide smart connections with housekeeping, transport and administration staff. We know that clinical staff are always in demand, and the system’s integration with wireless phones and pagers enables nurses to communicate with their patients while on the move.

  • Respond to patient needs – quickly and efficiently

    Respond to patient needs – quickly and efficiently

    When a patient places a call on their nurse call handset, a text message is sent to their nurse’s phone, and also displayed on the Nurse Station console and on the digital annunciators throughout the ward. A nurse can call directly into the room to clarify what the patient needs and to assure them that assistance is on its way – potentially avoiding an undesired event, such as a fall.

  • Communicate with flexibility

    Communicate with flexibility

    Responder 5000’s integration with wireless phones empowers your team to communicate with their patients from wherever they may be on the hospital site. They can judge the urgency of the patient request, re-assure them in real-time, and come prepared when they attend the patient’s room. Nurses can also set ‘Service Required’ reminders on their phones so that they don’t forget to attend to the call after taking care of their immediate task.

  • Connect with support teams - seamlessly

    Connect with support teams - seamlessly

    Room Management Stations deployed in patient rooms provide one-touch communications between nursing staff, porters, housekeeping, and admissions/discharge staff. For example, pressing the ‘Transport’ button will send a text message to the appropriate porter with the room details – whether the patient is ready for discharge or just needs to be taken to another department for tests or treatment.

Bed and Staff Management

Simplify bed and staff management and allow more time for patient care. We can show you how.

Responder® 5000 – and our Focused Patient Care software - can help reduce the time nurses spend coordinating support staff, provide them with greater flexibility in managing bed assignments, and enable better visibility and tracking of active calls. Removing unnecessary steps for nursing staff gives them more time to spend with patients, and to focus on improving their health outcomes.

  • Prepare rooms quickly and efficiently

    Prepare rooms quickly and efficiently

    Eliminating the need for numerous phone calls and manual follow up, the Room Management Stations enable one-touch communication throughout the patient discharge/admission process. When a patient is ready to leave press ‘Transport’ to send a message to a porter, and ‘Cleaning Needed’ to alert housekeeping. Cleaners can then activate the ‘Cleaning in Progress’ function and the ‘Room Ready’ communication when they leave.

  • Empower your clinical team

    Empower your clinical team

    Our Focused Patient Care software provides an intuitive user interface and helps teams to manage ward operations and staff assignments with ease. The software includes a map of the ward which provides clear visibility of all active calls within the unit, including nurse, staff assist and emergency calls. The ‘Room Swing’ functionality provides the ability to swing some beds, or an entire ward, to another clinical area to control and manage – a great feature for wards that merge and/or close at certain times.

  • Enable clear visibility of active calls

    Enable clear visibility of active calls

    The LCD Annunciator units clearly display active nurse calls, their location, and provide a count-up timer for each event. All calls are displayed and colour coded according to priority. Typically located at the Nurse’s Station and in key positions along the corridors, the units provide nurse call visibility throughout the ward. They can be customised to display the hospital logo and – when not displaying call information – configured to present hospital announcements.