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Responder 5 Nurse Call and Hospital Communications Platform

Responder 5 Nurse Call and Hospital Communications Platform

Enable fast and direct hospital communication, transform healthcare workflows, and drive efficiencies – to get the right care, to the right patient, at the right time.

Responder® 5 helps to simplify communications in an often complex healthcare setting. The smart nurse call functionality is just the beginning – the system’s advanced integration capability has the power to transform hospital workflows and provides the foundation for patient-centric, coordinated care.

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Nurse Call

Fast, direct communication between patients and nurses is one of the foundations of quality patient care. We can help you lead the way.

At the heart of the Responder® 5 communication platform is its smart nurse call functionality. It enables patients to specify what assistance is required, and provides a clear two-way communication path between nurse and patient. With each deployment, the system’s already intuitive design is further customised to help support the way that your team does their job. Nurses have the information and tools they need to respond quickly, and to meet their patient needs in a timely manner.


  • Respond to patient needs, not just patient calls

    Respond to patient needs, not just patient calls

    With Responder 5 your clinical staff will not only know that a patient requires assistance, they will also know what it is  they need. In addition to the standard nurse call button, the patient unit includes specific buttons for ‘pain’, ‘water’ and ‘toilet. The nurse can speak to the patient directly – and no matter where they are on site - to assure them that someone is coming to assist, or to further clarify their needs.

  • Help ensure patient safety

    Help ensure patient safety

    Clearly identifying high risk patients is vital to ensuring patient safety and corridor lights outside of the patient room alert staff of a patient’s high risk status - whether it is greater likelihood of falls, infection or other risks. Special patient needs are also clearly signalled on the nurse’s management console. Responder 5’s rounding functionality enables staff to set-up automated rounding reminders at different intervals and in line with patient needs.

  • Inform clinical decision making

    Inform clinical decision making

    Responder 5’s comprehensive reporting functionality provides detailed insights into ward operations and highlights any resourcing challenges. For example, reports run on response times can be based on nurse call type, specific rooms, particular dates, or by rule-based exceptions. Nursing unit managers are able to make informed decisions in the day-to-day running of their ward, and to access valuable data which helps guide strategic planning discussions.


Every role in a hospital directly provides or supports the delivery of patient care. With so many people to coordinate, workflow efficiency is key.

Between their admission into and discharge from a hospital, a patient interacts with many workflow steps, and the numerous clinical and support staff who manage these processes. Responder® 5 workflow terminals have the power to transform the way these teams collaborate. A single press of a button can initiate hundreds of call processes – clean a room, deliver a prescription, request a consultation, order suppliers, alert others about a patient transfer; just to name a few.


  • Connect different teams – quickly and seamlessly

    Connect different teams – quickly and seamlessly

    Responder 5’s customizable workflow terminals can be designed to initiate routine procedures and processes at the touch of a button – effectively eliminating many of the steps previously required to coordinate these activities. From a simple request for transport or a room clean, to more complicated activities involving more than one department. For example, the emergency request for a MET rapid response team.

  • Ensure your highly skilled resources are where they need to be

    Ensure your highly skilled resources are where they need to be

    The smart nurse call features enable you to determine what the patient needs and who should respond. You may determine, for example, that when a patient requests water a Patient Service Assistant – as opposed to a nurse – is notified and brings them a drink.  Workflow terminals can also be programmed to request the assistance of specialist staff. For example, a single-touch button to call  the trauma team to a specific location.

  • Design a solution that works the way you do

    Design a solution that works the way you do

    No two Responder 5 solutions are exactly the same – not even within the one hospital. Each team or ward is likely to have its own proven ways of working, its own priorities and even its own language. We conduct an in-depth Needs Analysis with each team to understand how we can best support the way they work. It is your team that determines the workflow designs, right down to the wording, the colours, and the size of buttons.


Fast, direct communication is critical to providing more efficient and effective patient care. And better health outcomes follow.

Responder® 5 seamlessly connects everyone involved in delivering patient care. From smart nurse call functionality at the bedside, to process automation from workflow terminals and integration with wireless devices, the system provides a hospital-wide communication solution. This solution is configured to work the way that you do, so you can get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


  • Connect with the right person

    Connect with the right person

    When a patient presses the nurse call button, the call goes directly to their nurse’s wireless device where the details are provided on screen. If the nurse is not available to speak to the patient, the call is automatically routed to the next available team member. Nurses are also able to directly communicate to other care givers, whether it is other nurses, doctors, or specialist support staff.

  • Improve collaboration across teams

    Improve collaboration across teams

    At a press of a button, workflow terminals send specific messages directly to the teams required to assist in a given situation – whether they are cleaners, porters, or clinical specialists. These messages advise exactly what is required, where, and the urgency of the request. The terminals can also activate other systems such as voice announcements and corridor lighting - to help clear a public walkway when access is required in an emergency, or to guide the responding team to the place of emergency.

  • Enable a quiet healing environment

    Enable a quiet healing environment

    Responder 5 provides quiet nurse call functionality and the direct communication flow between patients and staff significantly reduces, and in some instances virtually eliminates, the use of overhead paging. This supports a quiet environment which, studies have shown, can help to promote faster healing and to improve overall patient satisfaction.

Bed and Staff Management

Nursing staff want to be able focus on improving health outcomes.  Give them more time in their day to do just that.

Quickly and efficiently turning over beds helps to ensure that incoming patients don’t wait for the care they need. Not having to replicate staff assignments across multiple systems saves time and helps to avoid errors. Responder® 5 seamlessly connects the systems and people you need to eliminate unnecessary steps – to help you focus on patient care.


  • Facilitate faster bed turnover

    Facilitate faster bed turnover

    When a patient is moved or discharged, a single press of a button can activate the Room Clean or the Discharge workflows – effectively removing manual steps of contacting cleaners, porters, the discharge desk and others involved in the process. Onscreen displays provide updates on the status of the bed, and the system supports real-time ‘bed ready’ notification.

  • Streamline staff assignments

    Streamline staff assignments

    Assign your staff to their group of patients once, through an intuitive software interface. Your work then is done. Those assignments are automatically shared across multiple systems – electronic medical records (EMR), medical devices, real-time locating systems (RTLS), interactive TV, and mobile phones. The assignments remain dynamic and updates made in one system will stay in-sync across multiple systems.

  • Enable a single sign-on for staff

    Enable a single sign-on for staff

    Staff need to sign-on only once at the start of their shift, and sign-off only once at its completion. They are immediately recognised by all the linked systems and their patient allocations are available to them through whatever system they access. Not only does this save time, it also helps to improve compliance and to minimise risk of possible communication errors – while having a positive impact on staff satisfaction.


The many and varied hospital systems need to seamlessly work together to support you in doing your job. Because patient care is about people, not managing IT.

Ease of integration with other systems is one of the many ways Responder® 5 stands out from its competition. A global market leader, it natively integrates with many other healthcare solutions, and its use of standard industry language supports seamless integration with other systems and applications. These include IT systems, phone systems, RTLS systems, alarm and security systems, medical devices, and Electronic Medical Records among others.


  • Create smart connections

    Create smart connections

    Beginning with a detailed Needs Analysis, we will work with you to make sense of your data and make system connections that improve the way you work. Our aim is improve your processes, eliminate redundant steps and increase productivity. With a long history of transforming healthcare workflows, we specialise in creating innovative solutions to the unique challenges of different teams.

  • Make the most of your IT investments

    Make the most of your IT investments

    Deciding to move to new technology does not mean you have to say goodbye to systems and applications that have been serving you for years. If a system is working well for you now, we will ensure it keeps working well with Responder 5. Our commitment to interoperability and innovation means our solutions will continue supporting you well into the future.

  • Integrate with ease

    Integrate with ease

    Seamless system integration is at the heart of every Rauland installation and our proprietary Responder 5 Sync integration module means that we can manage the entire end-to-end process. Having fewer parties involved in the process helps to minimise the inherent risks involved in any integration project. This is particularly important in a healthcare setting where the stakes are often higher.