enriching the healthcare experience
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Patient Entertainment Systems

Much more than entertainment. Advanced integrated solutions to support you in providing better patient care and an enhanced patient experience.

From secure EMR and administrative access via a bedside terminal, to a wide range of patient entertainment options. We will work with you to create a tailored point-of-care solution that not only supports the way you work, but also enhances the patient experience. Speak to us to see how we can help you to improve your clinical workflows, increase collaboration and reduce errors - while helping your patients to be better connected.

  • HiMed Cockpit Point-of-Care Terminals

    Provide integrated access to clinical records, communication systems and patient entertainment options, all from one powerful thin client platform. Its advanced technology that’s here for tomorrow.

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  • IPTV Patient Entertainment System

    The IP based, ceiling mounted flat screens (with an optional camera) are controlled by a multi-functional handset from the patient bed. The platform provides patient access to free-to-air TV, satellite TV, patient information and education videos, and super-text caption TV channels (for the hearing impaired). Optional integration with the HiMed Cockpit platform enables access to more advanced features including games, internet, phone, and clinical information.

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