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IPTV Patient Entertainment System

IPTV Patient Entertainment System

Enable patients to independently control their entertainment services directly from their bed. No staff assistance required.


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The IP based, ceiling mounted flat screens (with an optional camera) are controlled by a multi-functional handset from the patient bed. The platform provides patient access to free-to-air TV, satellite TV, patient information and education videos, and super-text caption TV channels (for the hearing impaired). Optional integration with the HiMed Cockpit platform enables access to more advanced features including games, internet, phone, and clinical information.

Choose the features you need

The platform enables you to roll out your patient entertainment solution at a pace that works for you. You can commence with a lower-cost, entertainment-only option, which can be expanded to include higher level features at a later point in time.

Deploy with flexibility

The system can be seamlessly integrated with the highly featured HiMed Cockpit platform which provides bedside access to clinical, administrative and patient entertainment services. This means that you can tailor your solution and choose which platform you deploy where, and in accordance to the individual needs and budgets of each area.

Extend entertainment to short stay areas

The platform is the ideal patient entertainment solution for short term stay areas such as the Emergency Department, recovery, waiting rooms, patient lounges or staff rooms.