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Infant Protection System

Infant Protection System

Safeguard your smallest patient with the Hugs infant protection solution – the number one infant protection and communication system.

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Help to provide a secure environment for your smallest patients with the Hugs infant protection solution – as used in 1,300 hospitals and with 1.5 million infants each year. Infants have a small, lightweight electronic tag placed around their ankle which is then used to track and monitor their movements throughout the hospital, and to match the infant with their mother through her own ID tag.  The system includes tamper alarms, exit alarms, and out-of-unit alerts and enables visual monitor tracking.

Provide staff and families with peace of mind
Staff and families can be assured of an infant’s location wherever they may be in the hospital, for example if they need treatment away from the maternity unit. Alarms are activated if the infant tag is removed without authorisation, tampered with, or if its location is outside of a designated zone.

Be assured of mother-infant matching
Visually checking mother and infant ID bracelets can be subject to human error and even the best-trained staff can make mistakes.  With the optional Kisses function, the Hugs system provides an automatic and audible confirmation of the right match, every time a mother and infant are brought together