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Wireless Duress Alarms

Wireless Duress Alarms

Empower and protect your hospital staff. Emergency alert wireless duress system, when you need to get help fast.

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There are areas and teams in hospitals and other healthcare settings where the need to call for urgent help may be a daily concern – for example, in a psychiatric ward where there may be a greater risk of a personal attack on a staff member, visitor or another patient. Empower and protect your staff, and better manage the risk with our wireless emergency alert solutions.

Get help fast – where you need it
In case of an emergency or a personal attack, staff can remotely activate an alarm using their personal infra-red transmitter. This will send out an infra-red signal that floods the room with a coded light and sends a message to the control unit (the Hub). The location of the emergency is instantly identified and a message with all relevant details is sent out to communication panels and other wireless devices; so that help can get there quickly.

Choose from several flexible options
The Hub control unit is the heart of the system and you can choose from different indicator panels, sensors, receivers and transmitters. Alarms can be activated at the wall or through the personal transmitter that a staff member carries. These options include a new rechargeable option and an ID badge transmitter.