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Technology is always evolving. Staff members move on. Navigate smoothly through change with ongoing training.

Our comprehensive training programs create in-house product experts – your technical team who are confident in providing first level technical support; and your clinical team who are confident in using and getting the most out of your communication system. No two solutions are ever exactly the same, and your training is customised to reflect your unique system set-up and ways of working.

Training for your technical team
Our team of product specialists, data specialists and systems integrators are all technology experts who themselves undergo regular training in order to remain top of their field. It is this knowledge that we share with you through programs written by accredited and qualified educators, who know how to optimise your learning.

Training for your clinical team
The training of your clinical team is planned, written and delivered by the registered nurse on the Rauland team. Our clinical trainer understands the realities of the clinical environment, stays up-to-date with industry developments, and speaks your language. The trainer will work with your team to ensure the program is tailored to your priorities and the way that you work.